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Most Effective Treatments For Man

For some years even the male gender has approached surgery and aesthetic medicine and more and more men arrive at the clinic already very informed and prepared on the different treatments, especially on anti-aging treatments, aimed at fighting the aging of the face.


The most requested are the treatments to eliminate wrinkles, to delineate the cheekbones and the mandibular line and to flesh out the cheeks with injections of hyaluronic acid and Botox: the first increases the hydration of the treated area since it draws water and binds with it, the second, instead, it smoothes the wrinkles on the face by acting on the muscles.

Even more important interventions, such as abdominoplasty to eliminate the fat that covers the abdominal muscles and the hips, are constantly growing thanks to the excellent results achieved.

The interventions that aim to highlight the masculine characteristics through the use of special fillers or prostheses to correct a too elusive chin or excessively emptied cheekbones or highlight the dividing line between the jaw and the neck are also highly appreciated.

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