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Eyelid correction

Blepharoplasty aims to eliminate excess skin localized in the upper eyelid, making it "heavy" and "sagging" and the fat that causes a swelling in the upper and / or lower eyelid, the so-called bags under the eyes. 



This cosmetic surgery restores the freshness of the juvenile period to the entire face, when the skin is taut and elastic, without distorting the physiognomy of the patient's face and gaze.
The causes that contribute to determining a tired and burdened look are to be found in two distinct areas, but which determine the same situation of discomfort.
On the one hand we have factors such as: the inexorable passage of time, therefore the progressive loss of elasticity of the skin, the aggression of atmospheric agents or prolonged exposure to the sun's rays that go to undermine the already fragile and thin eyelid structure which tends progressively to cede and finally also to the wrong lifestyle and eating habits can negatively contribute to the formation of such imperfections.
The drooping eyelids, however, are not only the consequence of the youth that we leave behind, but also of genetic factors that build the appearance of the face and therefore also the gaze determining the position of the eyelids or causing the body to accumulate excess fat. also under the eyes going to form those bulges that you want to eliminate by resorting to cosmetic surgery and blepharoplasty specifically.
It is therefore easily understandable why even young people (men and women without distinction) can suffer from periorbital imperfections, even coming to create serious complexes with repercussions on self-confidence and social relationships.
In addition to the aesthetic factor, blepharoplasty can restore the width of the visual field limited by the presence of cutaneous ptosis that weighs down the eyelids making them drooping.




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