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Increase of the cheekbones

The malaroplasty aims to reshape the cheekbones through different techniques that require the use of equally different materials such as: zygomatic prostheses, fillers (biocompatible filling substances) or lipofilling and lipostructure (filling with autologous adipose tissue). 

Dr. Clemente Zorzetto is keen to preach that malaroplasty can also be used to correct the asymmetry of the cheekbones, a situation in which a cheekbone is, for reasons that we are not to list, more convex (protruding) than the other or more "flat" ".
Beauty is often also given by the harmony of the face, which in turn is the result of the perfect balance of its components: eyes, nose, cheekbones and chin. The central area of ​​the face is the part that immediately comes into contact with our interlocutor or with those who cross our gaze so it is our business card.
A well proportioned face is able to instill pleasantness, on the contrary the excessive importance of the chin that predominates on other elements of the face or eyes particularly marked by "bags" infuse the idea of ​​fatigue, neglect almost of breathlessness and to stress this situation we think the not very pronounced cheekbones (hypotrophy) or "emptied".
To establish the type of surgical technique to be adopted to increase the cheekbones, the aesthetic surgeon thinks during the preliminary visit based on the aesthetic results that the patient desires.
There is a wide range of methods to increase the cheekbones which, mainly, can be classified in permanent or temporary.
The use of surgical techniques that produce the temporary increase in the cheekbones allows the patient to check if the results are to his liking, then it will be possible to intervene with the insertion of prostheses to make the result of malaroplasty definitive.
Especially if you have opted for the use of zygomatic implants in order to give back volume, turgidity or importance to the cheekbones, Dr. Zorzetto always advises to consider the possibility of undergoing cosmetic surgery combined or combining precisely the increase of the cheekbones with, for example, the blepharoplasty (eye surgery), with the lifting of the face or with the mentoplasty in such a way as to exploit the access points for the insertion of the prostheses. Also rhinoplasty (reshaping of the nose) is an intervention that often accompanies malaroplasty because both contribute to give harmony to the face and the profile of the patient.


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