Mentoplasty is the cosmetic surgery that allows you to correct the facial features going to work directly on the chin.


The intervention can be done with additive mentoplasty procedures, realized with prostheses or injections of permanent or resorbable fillers that have the purpose of delineating in a more incisive way the receding chin, or reductive mentoplasty, or eliminating part of the excess bone surface that causes the prominence or gleaning of the chin.
If in women the psychological consequences of a too prominent, too outlined, masculine chin play a very important role in the decision that leads her to undergo a reductive mentoplasty, in male patients it is instead the lack of such typically masculine connotations to be the spring that urges them to resort to plastic surgery of the chin or additive mentoplasty.




The difference between feminine and masculine needs concerning the features (in particular the shape of the chin) just formulated is not so clear, but only represents the most frequent requests that are addressed to Dr. Clemente Zorzetto during the visit. With less frequency but in ever increasing numbers, there are women who see in Mentoplasty the solution to their desire for more decisive and less elusive features as well as male patients who would like to harmonize, soften their profiles by working on their chins.
In addition to the psychological component, it is also important to underline the functional component linked to the safeguarding of correct chewing and occlusion of the dental arch.
Mentoplasty, in addition to correcting the chin by removing part of the excess bone or using prostheses to give greater importance to the receding chin, is the cosmetic surgery procedure that allows you to intervene and correct facial asymmetries due to congenital causes.