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Reductive mastoplasty

Breast reduction


Breast reduction surgery is the cosmetic surgery that has as main purpose to reduce the size of the breast that for various reasons, mammary hypertrophy or gigantomastia, is too developed and remodel the breasts


The reasons that lead a woman to want to undergo reduction mammoplasty can already appear at a young age when, due to the excessive development of the breast (glandular hypertrophy), her body appears disproportionate and for this reason object of ridicule by the " group".
The complex of the breasts too big can induce the young woman to hold incorrect postures in order to hide this "anomaly" which then anomaly is not, that's why the reduction of mammoplasty, as opposed to the additive, can be recommended even at a very young age (always in agreement and with the support of the family).
With the passing of time then such incorrect postures can follow painful pathologies such as neck pain and scoliosis.
Challenging pregnancies and gravity contribute not only to the emptying of the breasts and to the relaxation of the breasts, which, due to their already large size, are more affected.

The surgical reduction of the size of the breast together with the remodeling of the breasts with the global restoration of the proportions of the patient's body, is cosmetic surgery able to solve functional problems related to the musculoskeletal sphere and, consequently, to give the patient the correct relationship with his body going to positively influence social relationships and life as a couple.
However, the benefits listed must not distract the women who intend to undergo reduction mammoplasty since the latter is not the same intervention anywhere and can be purchased in the clinic or by the plastic surgeon who sells it at the best price or offers it at discounted prices.
Surgery with negative outcomes can have disastrous consequences both in terms of the patient's health and the psychological balance




The specialist visit

The informative visit that precedes the reduction mammoplasty or the decision regarding this intervention is the ideal time for the patient to evaluate the professionalism of the cosmetic surgeon.
A large series of positively solved interventions and the many years of experience of the doctor are an excellent business card to which, however, Dr. Zorzetto always wants to add the personalization of the surgeon-patient relationship that, in some cases, brings the ethics of the professional also to be able to say no to requests of unattainable results or that would put the patient's health at risk.

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