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Neck lift

iGuide Trampoline Platisma Plasty

The new neck lifting technique called Trampoline Platisma Plasty (TPP) or iGuide aims to redistend the skin of the neck through the particular weaving positioning of suspension threads that have the task of retreating the fibro-resistant shoots between the skin surface and the neck muscle, platysma.


The neck area, otherwise called "cervical", is the first witness of the passage of time since it is the first in which the so-called collapse of both muscular and epidermal tissues occurs.
In other words, as we age, the platysma, or the neck muscle, tends to relax while the skin covering it loses its tone and elasticity. The two factors just described determine what are called the "rings of Venus" that are none other than those unsightly horizontal grooves that we discover in front of the mirror and that testify without any possibility of denial the age we have even if the rest of our body would tend to prove otherwise.
It is precisely for this reason that today both men and women indiscriminately think of resorting to cosmetic surgery and neck lifting in particular.
The new neck-lifting technique imported from the United States allows excellent medium-long-term results compared to the techniques adopted in the past, since the latter tended to "reinforce" the neck muscle, thus at a distance from a variable time from case to case. to witness the failure of the skin alone with questionable aesthetic consequences.


The neck lift surgery Trampoline platisma plasty

In the operating room the patient is sedated but conscious therefore in the immediate post-operative period the awakening does not imply prolonged times as, instead, in the case of general anesthesia.
The "mattress" effect created by the new weave that harnesses the front of the neck is attenuated by about 50% in the first 24/48 hours depending on the reactivity of the patient.
Recovery times can generally be identified in a week and without any kind of pain other than an initial traction sensation in the neck due to settling of the weft created by the cosmetic surgeon with the suspension thread.

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