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Correction of waving ears

The otoplasty (also called aesthetic surgery of the ears or auricoplasty) is the intervention that allows you to correct the imperfection of the fan-shaped ears (a waving or dismorfia), reshaping the shape and size. 

Plastic surgery of the ears and waving ears seem an inseparable union.
The cause of this anomaly is essentially due to two factors: the first is called hypertrophy of the auricular basin that is located right next to the auditory hole and determines the rotation of the ears towards the outside. The second cause may be the failure or insufficient formation of the fold of the antelice which consists of the natural fold of the cartilage which runs parallel along the edge of the ear and which normally allows this to remain close to the head.
Dr. Clemente Zorzetto wishes to point out that the otoplasty does not stop at the "simple" surgical correction of the ears too prominent or pronounced and protruding but represents the aesthetic solution also for other problems of a congenital nature (too wide ear lobes or lobes too long) that occurred such as the cracking of the lobe caused by the earring (or more generally post trauma).




The waving ears can begin to pose a serious problem since childhood because of the continuous "teasing" of schoolmates or games and then turn into real complexes in the difficult adolescent phase, capable of heavily undermining the esteem itself same and therefore also the social relations just in the period in which these are already in itself difficult and in experimental phase.
Otoplasty, or aesthetic surgery of the ears, can put an end to the complex of waving ears in mature age or prevent from the beginning that these complexes begin to take root and ruin the social life of an individual, intervening promptly at a very young age.


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