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Aesthetic surgery of the nose

The harmony of a person's face is the result of the right proportion between the elements that make it up and the nose is of great importance.


Rhinoplasty is the cosmetic surgery that aims to correct the defects of the shape of the nose and reshape it to make it appropriate to the face in which it is placed and thus achieve natural aesthetic results.
In aesthetic surgery it is usual to divide the face into three parts: the upper part that includes the forehead, the central one in which we find the eyes, cheekbones and nose and finally the lower part defined by the mouth and chin.
The nose is positioned right in the center of the oval and the characteristic prominence (protrusion) associated with more or less accentuated dysmorphia inevitably catalyses the attention of the observer or of our interlocutor.
Many people, aware of the defect of shape, position or size of their nose feel uncomfortable with themselves, in social relationships as well as in personal and emotional.
The rhinoplasty, therefore, also eliminates complex generated by one or more of the defects that can afflict the nose that is amplified by the extreme importance that above all in recent times we have given to the physical appearance.
The media overexposure to which each of us is exposed daily (videotelephones, video-chat, social-network like Facebook, video-blog etc.) forces us to present ourselves to others first for how we are outwardly and not always able to get to do also know our inner qualities. The culture of appearance pushes many people to refer to the models of beauty of the show characters and glossy magazines coming to the paradox of exasperating some physical characteristics (such as an excessive breasts) to get out of anonymity and enter the world of entertainment.




Aesthetic surgery has become a transversal practice to which people from all walks of life recur daily, not so much, in this case, for the costs of rhinoplasty but because the idea of "making up their nose" has been completely cleared and is no longer a prerogative only of actors or models.
Even the indifference to the traits of their profile by men is outdated behavior and the rhinoplasty requests for humans are reaching the number of those made by the fair sex.
In this context, Dr. Clemente Zorzetto, cosmetic surgeon, intends to make a contribution to provide all those who are looking for information on rhinoplasty a clear and exhaustive overview of cosmetic surgery of the nose, modern techniques used in the operating room and in the outpatient department. , objectively achievable results, risks and complications that may occur and costs of rhinoplasty in general.


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