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breast lift


Television, fashion magazines and the Internet offer us winning female models also characterized by firm and voluminous breasts that contribute to the psychological safety of a woman and is a source of pride as a synonym of freshness and youth.

The inexorable passage of time, pregnancies and prolonged breastfeeding, important and rapid weight loss or health situations and medical treatments that have put a strain on the body may have contributed to the loss of elasticity by the skin and therefore to premature relaxation and emptying to various degrees of the breast which is therefore an uncomfortable witness of the stages of a woman's life.

In many women the sense of discomfort begins right during puberty for breast hypersvil development. The discomfort continues for the subsequent premature relaxation of the breasts due to their size, weight and gravity to which the elasticity of the skin can not cope.
A woman then makes a wish to return master of her life, her own femininity and the weapons that characterize her, a good relationship with her body that no longer reflects youth and the newfound desire for inner life.
In these particular circumstances in which the awareness of the road ahead is the stimulus for change, cosmetic breast surgery can certainly help.
It is necessary to restore fullness and volume to the particularly sagging breasts, with excess skin and emptied.

The cosmetic surgery called mastopessi is the solution that Dr. Clemente Zorzetto can adopt to improve the relaxed breasts (at different levels) by removing excess skin, repositioning the gland, the areola and the nipple.
The result that mastopexy aims to achieve is to bring back the hands of time or to give back to the breast the lost tone and fullness.
In some special cases (hypersviluppo and early relaxation of the breasts that cover the inframammary furrow in a very evident way) the post-mastopexy pleasantly surprises patients because the aesthetic result achieved with the surgery presents them a decolté never even at a young age.



The specialist visit

The visit by the cosmetic surgeon is the first important step that the candidate performs towards the change already matured within himself.
Dr. Zorzetto has always adopted the principle of absolute clarity and transparency during the visit that precedes the intervention of mastopexs aimed at clarifying every aspect: adoptable surgical techniques, the type of anesthesia, the behaviors to be held and the dressings to be performed in post-mastopexy, the risks that the breast lift may involve as well as the type of scars it may leave.
Beyond the description of the purely technical aspects that can vary from case to case, the visit that precedes every cosmetic surgery must generate the necessary trust in the patient in the plastic surgeon to whom he entrusts his expectations as well as his health.;


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