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Additive mastoplasty

Breast augmentation

The breast augmentation is cosmetic surgery that allows you to increase the volume of the breast and remodel the shape using latest-generation breast implants and silicone gel


But what are the motivations that push more and more women to resort to cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of their breasts then to undergo breast augmentation?


Women who were satisfied with the features of their breasts during their youth but who due to significant and sudden weight loss, prolonged period of breastfeeding and the passage of time are no more because their breasts are emptied and have lost shape and volume.
Women who have never been fully satisfied with their breasts since this has not been developed (mammary hypotrophy) or because the breast itself has asymmetries between the two breasts both in terms of shape and position.
Although it is not the norm, it is not uncommon for the cosmetic surgeon to be in front of a woman who requires the intervention of mastoplasty to correct any dysmorphic and at the same time give fullness, projection and tone to her breasts.
Another factor that determines the research of the cosmetic surgeon is that of the lack of results obtained from a previous augmentation mammoplasty, situations of failure of the cosmetic surgery in constant growth created by inexperienced and improvised hands.




Let's debunk the false myths related to the operation of a mammoplasty and prostheses:


  • The duration of the latest generation prostheses is permanent even if some women over time feel they are going to undergo a new mammoplasty because, over the years, their body has changed (slightly relaxed) and intend to retouch the shape of their breasts;
  • In most cases (almost all) the breast augmentation surgery does not preclude the possibility of breastfeeding because the surgeon does not sever (in whole or in part) the galactophoric ducts (ie the tubes that carry the mother's milk to the nipple);
  • The results of the mastoplasty obtained today are more and more natural thanks to the experience of Dr. Zorzetto matured in years of operating room at the service of women and cosmetic surgery and thanks also to the new latest generation silicone gel implants which, once implanted , they do not reveal their presence or their sight in touch.
  • At the current state of studies and research conducted in several countries including Italy it is possible to state that there is no relationship between the materials used for the construction of breast implants used during breast augmentation and breast cancer;


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