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Liposuction and liposculpture

Remodeling of the body

The main purpose of the plastic surgery of liposuction and liposculpture is to remodel the patient's body by eliminating part of the fat cells in which the excess fat is concentrated due to the genetic predisposition.

Liposuction is not and should not be presented as the alternative solution to slimming diets or, more generally, to the correct diet capable of circumscribing and keeping under control the excessive concentration of fat in the body.
The fat cells eliminated thanks to liposuction can not be reformed so the eliminated fat will never return.
The cosmetic surgery called liposuction is one of the three procedures most requested by patients and also researched in the network. In this regard, just on the Internet and on the monthly, we can notice the proliferation of terms such as: liposuction, liposculpture, micro-liposculpture, mega-liposuction and others that create a certain confusion to those who surf to seek a solution to the problem of fat accumulated in excess in certain points of the body because of this.
In this section of the site of Dr. Clemente Zorzetto we will try to provide, to all interested persons, not only the description of the differences between the different surgical procedures aimed at solving the problem of localized and difficult disposal but also the elements that they combine these techniques of liposuction and their evolution over time up to the most commonly used liposuction techniques today.




Cause of accumulation of fat


Numerous studies have shown that during the development phase our body also produces adipose cells called adipocytes that are responsible for the accumulation of fat.
Once the pubertal phase is over, the number of adipocytes does not increase over time but the volume of these cells changes. Weight gain is therefore determined by the increase in the volume of fat cells. There are no factors that can help us understand how and which of these cells will change over time and which, however, will remain constant because the changes are the result of multiple causes first of all the hereditary factor or our DNA that can be followed by a hormonal dysfunction (congenital or induced) and, obviously, not completely correct behaviors and feeding.
Regardless of the causes that have caused the accumulation of fat, the fact is that our body changes and in some cases, despite the efforts made to dispose of the pounds taken, the scale needle remains still and it is this immobility that drives many people think about liposuction or liposculpture surgery.
According to the last statement, Dr. Zorzetto, cosmetic surgeon, wants to clarify that the accumulation of fat in some areas is not determined only by excess pounds because even in so-called "normopeso" people (ie people who are not overweight) it is possible to find a change in profile due to the concentration of adipose material in some areas of the body rather than in others and this predisposition is congenital. In other words, if the hereditary factor establishes that the reservoir of (physiological and natural) reserves of adipose material should be the adipocytes located in the buttocks, hips and thighs there is no diet or gymnastics that can change this rule dictated by mother nature. Obviously, a correct diet associated with moderately hypocaloric diets and physical activity will improve the appearance but can never eliminate the root problem because every single fat resource that the body considers necessary will be addressed precisely in the areas genetically allocated to storage.


Fat accumulation: difference between man and woman

adipocytes will modify their volume over time and which ones will remain constant since this predisposition is essentially genetic. Over the years, however, medicine and in particular cosmetic surgery have been able to identify two different types of people (gynoid and android) that can be traced to the difference between man and woman in the different areas where fat is accumulated.
In the woman (gynoid type) is the lower half of the body to be more interested and the excess of fat is easily identifiable in areas such as: buttocks (especially the lower and external), thighs, knees, legs and even arms. The liposuction on a gynoid type patient will have the purpose of going to aspirate the concentrated adipose material in these areas just described
In man (type android) the critical points and most affected by the increase in the volume of adipocytes and then by an excess of fat are: the hips (the so-called "love handles"), the abdomen, the chest and the breast .
The differences between men and women in areas where fat tends to focus more clearly are not as clear-cut as we might be led to believe. Especially in the summer, on the beach, you can see women with excessive concentration of fat on the abdomen and, contrary to what usually happens, these subjects are characterized by very thin legs just like in most men.
Until now we have seen what are the causes that determine the change of our body following weight gain and we have also seen what are the differences between men and women (although it would be more correct to say between the two types of people listed).
But what is the cosmetic surgery response to this problem?
The basic idea underlying the solution proposed by plastic surgery and which unites the different surgical techniques adopted and evolved over time is to suck fat, in a word "Lipoaspirazione".
Because then there are different meanings such as liposuction, liposculpture, lipostructure, mega-liposuction etc.

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