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In the name of synergy

Cosmetics, medicine and cosmetic surgery are now complementary areas to achieve the best results and have a 360 ° approach that aims at a natural aspect, not necessarily perfect, but able to make people feel good about themselves and with others and maintain the healthy skin and in good condition, in spite of the passing years.


In recent years, Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery have benefited from techniques that are always invasive and more innovative, but also cosmetics is no less important in terms of innovation, thanks also to the contribution of other scientific subjects that integrate and enrich it.

I strongly believe in the synergy between cosmetic medicine and cosmetics, because if I treat a prepared skin, ready to absorb the active ingredients I use with fillers, elastic, toned and well hydrated, I can get a better long-term result than a dehydrated skin, not protected, which has been subjected to atmospheric agents, the sun etc.

For this reason both as a preparation and, above all, as a maintenance, I always recommend an adequate home cosmetic treatment with adequate and quality cosmetic products.

Like the COSMECEUTICAL Laboratoires Filorga, available in my office, which I will be happy to prescribe based on the different needs and characteristics of the skin of each patient.

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